How do you say “no” to salespeople?

As a startup founder I receive five to ten sales emails per day. Most commonly, these emails are about a new way to source leads, how to reduce my spendings, how to hire new people, you name it.

For the longest time, I would simply ignore those emails because I wasn’t interested in actually checking anything out. Result? More emails in my inbox.

Now, instead of ignoring those emails, I send a quick email explaining that I’m not interested in their current offering, and simultaneously offering them to try our product.

Results now? I now receive significantly fewer follow-up emails AND get more leads!! Win-win for every entrepreneur 🤲.

Here’s the email. Hope you find it as useful as I do!


Thank you for reaching out! We’re currently all set and don’t have time to look into this.
Quick question to you: do you send loads of outbound emails?

If you do, I have a tool that might help you connect with your customers better!
Thoughts on connecting this week? Here’s my availability: Sign up whenever works best for you!

Good luck with everything!

Written by:

Filip Twarowski
YC-backed founder, figuring out how to make email better for you. I send emails for a living!

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